Valorant is Riot Games’ next huge competitive title. The first-person hero, or in this case Agent, has been heavily streamed and watched. With many trying to obtain a closed beta key from any of these verified streamers. Now Riot has confirmed the beta is ending this May 28th and the game is launching this June 2nd.

The news was made official during a Summer Game Fest stream. The game will include a new game mode, Agent, and a map. This could be variation of Team Deathmatch but we’ll have to wait and see. As for the map, Ascent was leaked online as a possible choice.

Despite becoming one of the most anticipated games of this year, and on the path of a huge success, Valorant has a lot of issues. The most significant being cheaters and anti-cheating measures. With the game, according to users, using invasive measures that provide full access to one’s computer. With one user saying that the game shutdown his liquid cooler.

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