It was recently revealed that Nioh 2 has sold over one million units since its release in March. So, to celebrate, Developer Team Ninja announced a few new freebies for fans to enjoy. They announced the milestone earlier and released a new patch that brings a number of free additions.

Translated, “Nioh 2 sales exceeded 1 million units] 『 #仁王2 ] Has sold over 1 million worldwide. Thank you to everyone who played. We would like to thank everyone who has enjoyed the distribution of “Maniki Armor”. After updating to Ver 1.09, you can receive it as a “gift” of the company.”

For starters, Nioh 2 now has added a new photo mode. The photo mode will feature the usual filters and ways to adjust the image, this will include the ability to move the camera position.

The game has also received nine new missions, split between Sub-mission and the challenging Twilight Mission. You’ll also find a new Guardian Spirit in Mizuchi.

The new update has also brought a few new quality of life changes. The Soul Core screen shown at the end of a mission will now let you lock and perform Resting Rites without having to wait until you can access a Shrine. For those who like a clean image, the HUD for sheathed weapons can now be disabled.

Also, they added a way to clean up a bit. If for some reason, you are tired of the blood splatter messing up the look of your character, you can now remove it entirely.

Team Ninja also confirmed that they are working on three add-ons for the game, to be released over the next several months. The add-ons will bring a bunch of new things, such as a new weapon, lots of new armor, as well as new story content, bosses, Yokai, Guardian Spirits, and even new skills.

The first DLC, called The Tengu’s Disciple, launches July 30th, and takes place in the late-Heian period Yashima.

Nioh 2 is currently out now exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Are you excited about all the new things coming to Nioh 2? Tell us in the comment section below.

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