The Serious Sam series hasn’t seen a new installment, outside from spin-offs and re-releases, since 2011. Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass will be the first game since then but recently the new trailer revealed some dark news. It’ll only launch for PC and Stadia this year.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game won’t release till 2021. Kotaku reached out to Devolver Digital about this:

“The game is still coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 after its period of exclusivity is over with Stadia,” a rep for publisher Devolver Digital told Kotaku over email, adding that those consoles won’t receive Serious Sam 4 until 2021 after further inquiry.

Unlike Epic Games, who is now notorious for doing something similar, their launcher is free and available to anyone. Google Stadia requires a $130 buy-in for the controller and a $10 monthly fee for the Pro subscription that grants discounts and 4K support. You can get it for free for 2 months for signing up but you still need to spend $130. Not to mention the massive internet requirements such as a fast and constant connection.

While Serious Sam isn’t a massive franchise this will lock out a large customer base who wanted to play the game. This means Google had to pay Devolver Digital a lot for them to do this but not enough to get full exclusive rights. Which is likely why the backlash isn’t as serious.

Serious Sam 4 launches on Stadia and PC this August 2020. With the PS4 and Xbox One versions coming in 2021.

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