With the Xbox Series X still on track to launch this holiday season, Microsoft took the opportunity of May’s Inside Xbox to show off some gameplay of 13 games that will eventually be part of the lineup. We’ve got the trailers, and a brief synopsis of each game shown off today!

Bright Memory: Infinite

Developed by FYQD-Studio (who is just ONE person, by the way), you’ll take on the role of Shelia who is a member of an organization in possession of more advanced technology than even the military. Showcased in the trailer shown on Inside Xbox were some breathtaking views, fast-paced combat, and a Greek Spartan?

Dirt 5

Codemasters is at it again, with Dirt 5, headed to both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X this autumn. The developers said they wanted to go BIGGER with this game, in all possible ways. The career mode is going to feature the voice talents of Nolan North and Troy Baker, there’s going to be a story with “decision-based changes,” a deep livery editor and in-race photo mode.

Ebb Software was founded with the sole purpose of creating a “different breed of video games,” and the trailer for the upcoming Scorn delivered. It’s a first-person horror adventure where you’re thrown into a dream-like world, and every location in the game has its own story, puzzles, and characters.

Deep Silver Fishlabs shared Chorus during Inside Xbox, to be released in 2021 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It’s a game that’s going to feature some epic looking space battles, and a story-driven single player story in a fight to free the galaxy from an oppressive cult.

Madden 2021

An announcement was made that the game would be coming to the Xbox Series X in addition to the Xbox One, and owners of the Xbox One version would be able to take advantage of a free upgrade to the Series X version in a specific window of time. Players must buy an Xbox One version of Madden 2021 by the end of December, and upgrade to the Series X by March 31st, 2021. Details were overall sparse, but more information will be released next month at EA Play Live.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

From Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs, Vampire will also be taking advantage of Smart Delivery, meaning if you purchase the game when it’s out on the Xbox One, you’ll get a free copy when you upgrade to the Series X. Games saves for Vampire will also cross generations. It’s set in Seattle, and from the trailer you’ll see you meet some interesting characters, and you’ll get to decide what kind of vampire you want to be.

Call of the Sea

From Out of the Blue, and set in the 1930’s, you’ll play as Norah, investigating her missing husband’s expedition in the South Pacific. Cissy Jones, who voiced Delilah in Firewatch, and Snow in The Wolf Among Us, voices Norah, and Out of the Blue credits her performance for helping create a “calmer, deeper, and more intelligent love story,” set between Norah and her husband.

The Ascent

The Ascent, from Neon Giant and Curve Digital, is a solo and co-op action RPG set in a cyberpunk world. The mega-corporation that owns everyone (including yourself) has collapsed, and it is every person for themselves. You’re in charge of finding out what happened and stopping even worse people from taking over.

The Medium

The Medium is from Bloober Team, the makers of Blair Witch, the Layers of Fear series, and Observer. As the name suggests, you play the game as a medium, but she’s living in both the real world and the spirit world. Aside from the trailer, it was also announced that the music of the game would be a collaboration between two composers: Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka. Yamaoka was the composer of various Silent Hill games, and the two Silent Hill movies.

Scarlet Nexus

From Bandai Namco and a team lead by former members of the Tales of series, Scarlet Nexus takes place in a distant future, where a psionic hormone was discovered in humans, which granted people extra-sensory powers. In this same era, mutants, known as Others, began to come to Earth, hungry for human brains, and impervious to normal weapons.

Second Extinction

From Systemic Reaction, based in Sweden, Second Extinction is more than just a “dinosaurs came back and have taken over” game. It’s a fast-pased co-op shooter that’s meant to be played with friends, though Lead Producer Brynley Gibson says they’d “love to see some solo mission runs on Mixer for the truly hardcore.”

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The newest Yakuza game will be releasing as a launch title on the Xbox Series X, with simultaneous releases on the Xbox One and PC, and will also support Smart Delivery and cross-saves. The game is set in modern-day Yokohama, Japan, and you’ll play as Ichiban, a grunt at the bottom of a low-ranking family who’s been betrayed and left for dead.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Fresh off the announcement of the game, in this trailer, we got further glimpses of frosty Norway and blooming England. We also got to see next-gen combat; a battle to take place between the Vikings and the Saxon’s featuring plenty of close-quarters combat, but also items such as siege machines. Valhalla will also feature Smart Delivery at launch as well.

Next month’s Inside Xbox will feature previews and gameplay from Microsoft’s first-party studios. (Halo Infinite, anyone?) Stay tuned to Gaming Access Weekly, where we’ll have all the details!

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