Apex Legends Season 5 is set to shift the game around quite a bit. From popular hot drop Skulltown being completely wiped out, changes to how players loot death boxes, weapon changes, and more, there is a lot to relearn as the season continues.

With the start of a new season, of course, comes a new legend. Loba is cunning, manipulative, and fueled by revenge for her fallen parents.  Her task to end Revenant has finally lead her to the Apex Legends arena. So how does she stack up against the other legends? Let’s break down her abilities and talk about some basic strategies.

Gone Before You Know it

Loba’s abilities fit her character perfectly. Her bracelet allows her to teleport within a certain distance, which is excellent for getting out of a fight or moving around to get a better angle. It is worth noting that the ability is designed to keep Loba from accidentally teleporting off the map. So if you throw it too far near and it flies off the map, after a few seconds it will fly back to her. She will then slide it back on her arm, allowing the player to try again. She has to put the bracelet back on each time she throws it away from her. So try to allow that few extra seconds when planning around your movements.

A great way to use this in the middle of a fight is to pair Loba with Mirage, who also received a buff recently. As Mirage throws his new and improved decoys out they will pull a ton of attention away from Loba. With any luck, she can throw her bracelet and get a better point of view on the enemy. Throw Bloodhound’s abilities into the mix or even Wraith and you have the makings of a pretty solid wild card team.


Loba has a passive ability that allows her to see purple and gold items through walls and inside the bins. The ability has a radius of about 70 meters which is a pretty solid area mass. I prefer to go grab the armor first without mentioning it to my team then pointing out other armors as I see them. This ability does not work on players, you can not see what loot they have. It is also worth noting it does not work on death boxes as well.

Her ultimate allows her to display all loot within that 70 meters to her team via a display on her staff. Each player is allowed to grab two items from the black market shop, so choose wisely. If you aren’t on coms with your team pay attention to them and wait for them to leave the shop. If Loba leaves that staff open to the store enemy players can also access the shop. Make sure to pick it up.

Weapons and Loadouts

There were a ton of changes to the weapons in Apex Legends with the start of season five. New gold weapons were put out and some weapons were thankfully moved to the loot drops, talking about you PeaceKeeper. That’s right the PeaceKeeper which is notoriously antagonistic for Apex Legends players is no longer a standard weapon. It got swapped out with the Mastiff shotgun, which received a small damage nerf to make it a bit more fair to use. It honestly feels like a good change out from the P.K.

Right now the Mastiff has a high spawn rate to get players accustomed to using it regularly so finding one isn’t really a challenge. It pairs really nicely with the wingman, which has Skullpiercer as an available hop-up once again. Outside of that Loba can wreck enemies after a teleport with a well-placed series of shots from the R-99 or an R-301. Another fun play is to teleport behind enemies and hit them with a thermite grenade. Watch them all scatter and try to flea, it makes them a much easier target.

Sum it up

Loba is easily the best addition to the Apex Legends roster since release. She is an absolute blast to play and brings new ways to take on each match. Her ability to spot loot through walls and grab it at a distance is unparalleled. Loba’s teleportation offers new tactics and can lead to some pretty high kill games. My second night using her I managed to grab a ten kill win which is great. I can’t recall doing that with any new character the game that quickly.

If you have any tips for Loba or a loadout you like to run as the master thief let us know in the comments below.

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