Resident Evil 3, our review here, just released to mixed reception. Some like the remake of the 1999 classic and others feel like its overpriced DLC. Either way, the franchise is still strong and new rumors about Resident Evil 8 just surfaced. With Biohazardcast revealing a new enemy type, EU setting, and the return of Chris Redfield.

According to the source, the game is called Resident Evil VIIage. It’ll take place in the EU with Chris Redfield playing a more central role. Along with the RE4 inventory system returning and a new enemy called the Witch.

Other rumors about RE8 included Ethan returning as the playable protagonist, the game being in first-person again, and a new werewolves enemies.

Capcom hasn’t commented on any of this but the rumor states the game is set for a 2021 release. Which means we’ll likely hear more this year if the rumors are true.

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