Horizon: Zero Dawn is considered one of the best games in this generation. A sequel is expected considering the game moved 10 million copies and is launching for PC soon. However, according to VGC, the sequel was coming to PS4 before being pushed back to the PS5.

The reason was the scale of the game. With the new game having a larger open-world and more freedom for the player. Which is insane considering the first game, and its expansion, were huge.

Apparently, Guerrilla Games was going to bridge the 2 titles together with a preview cooperative mode. With progression carrying over to the new game. The idea may have been scrapped but it carries weight as Aloy often teamed up with allies in her original adventure.

It’s clear Sony has big plans for the franchise as the PS4 exclusive is coming to PC this summer along with a comic book series set during the first game. Which may provide information about the eventual sequel.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is currently available on PS4 and is coming to PC this summer.

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