April is a weird month for me. It’s the month I was thrust into the world as a wee baby. That’s probably where everything started to go kind of wrong for me, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. What makes April weird is it is sort of the first month the gaming drought begins for the year. You may get one or two decent releases during this month but odds are it’s a pretty flat month all around.

That’s not to say hidden gems don’t release but finding ones that fit a budget are usually pretty difficult. For instance, I’ve been wanting to get Breath of the Wild and that is still sitting at sixty dollars at most locations. So, for now, that game gets a pass and I will play the ones below. With the exception of Resident Evil 3 (it was a birthday present) they didn’t cost a lot of money and are great time killers.

Kona (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch)

Kona is a game for those of us that like a good detective story. If you liked gathering clues and figuring things out in L.A. Noire and the detective parts in the Batman games then give this game a shot. Soon after the start of the game the player is in a car crash while driving in a snow storm. When the character wakes up there is nobody around. The other person in the crash is gone, the only thing the character can think to do is heal up and try to get to town. This is where the player learns the mechanics of building a fire to keep warm and some of the investigation mechanics.

Eventually, they wander into town and find the man they were supposed to meet at the store was murdered. From there the player needs to piece together what happened as well as explore the surrounding area, all while avoiding frostbite. The game will only run you about fifteen dollars or you can try it on Xbox Games Pass.

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Modern Warfare 2 has been rumored to be remastered for quite some time. The unfortunate thing is that it launched a few weeks back on PS4 leaving those of us on other platforms wanting and waiting. Well, the wait is almost over for us as the remaster is set to release on Xbox One and PC on April 30th. The only downside to this remaster is the fact that the multiplayer mode from the original is absent. There is a rumor that the multiplayer is set to be added at some point. For now, though, players can jump back in and relieve the amazing sophomore title in the original Modern Warfare trilogy.

The updated graphics are stunning and it makes the memorable moments of the campaign stand out even more. The moment when you breach the Gulag and Soap and Captain Price recognize each other. The betrayal of Shepard, that moment on jet skis or even climbing the mountain in the snowstorm all look absolutely superb. This was a great way to build hype for the next installment for the new Modern Warfare trilogy and it will run you about twenty dollars. It actually really makes me hope for a Modern Warfare 3 remake.

The Long Dark (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Survival games and I do not really get along any more. They sort of lost their charm somewhere between 7 Days to Die and revisiting Minecraft seven years later. However, toss in a good story and you may grab my interest. The Long Dark starts off with a man agreeing to fly his ex-wife to an emergency since she is a doctor. The plane ends up crashing and the player needs to survive. Starting fires, finding shelter, food and other resources are all high priority for the player from that point on. It is set up for the player to also be looking for the main character’s wife as well as she wanders off after the crash.

Players will have to defend themselves from various threats. Wolves run the area and will attack if you get too near. There are some great achievements regarding not firing a single shot during the game which makes encountering wolves all the more interesting. This game is thirty dollars right now, however, if you have Xbox Games Pass you can play it right now.

Pick of the Month: Resident Evil 3 ( PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)-

Resident Evil is arguably one of my favorite series. It’s a little wacky and crazy fun even if the later entries before seven were unquestionably offputting. Be that as it is, I never played the first few games, I started on Resident Evil 4. So when the remakes started happening I was excited to finally get my hands on them. While I am not a fan of the original Resident Evil (only played the HD remake and did not enjoy it) Resident Evil 2 and 3 are really well done.

The major downside to RE3 is the fact that it is notoriously short. To my understanding, some content from the original is cut in this version. This game will run you a full sixty dollars, and I know due to the run time you may be worried about that. I feel Resident Evil 3 is worth the full price and offers a solid amount of replay value. I am currently sitting on my third playthrough trying to get some of the unlockable weapons.


So brings forth another ending to a Games For Budget Gamers. Whether you are looking for a detective game or just want to try your hand at surviving in a frozen tundra this month had something worth trying. I personally can’t wait to go achievement hunting in the Modern Warfare 2 remaster. I know it feels like a cash grab, but hey it gives me something to do when stuck at home in quarantine. Let us know down below what games you recommend for those of us stuck on a budget.