Half-Life: Alyx is Valve’s next big game in years. While not a true sequel to Half-Life 2: Episode 2 the VR exclusive title is looking to set a new standard for VR games. With 3 new gameplay videos showing off interactive environments and combat.

The first video takes things slowly. Called “Subway” Alyx is see traveling underground and killing Headcrab Zombies. All while showing off the movement system, upgrade weapon bench, healing, and combat. Using the controllers the player can dart to a location a certain distance away or move slowly. Almost anything in interactive and you can even wear hats. We also get a glimpse at the weapon upgrade station that will use “Resin” to create upgrades.

Other notable features include the health meter on Alyx’s left wrist, the ability to store items and weapons in your wrist, the gravity gauntlet able to grab items far away, and grabbing objects mid-air.

The second video focuses on the Xen den. The video opens with a small puzzle that has the player matching colored symbols on a sphere. Next Alyx heads through headcrabs, dead bodies, and more. Showing that the environment and enemies will respond to Alyx’s hands, requiring her to quickly grab a bio-grenade manually instead of the gravity gauntlet.  We do get a glimpse at City17 but not much.

The third video is the most exciting. Showing off active combat against Combine soldiers. With Alyx using a car door for cover, shooting tanks on the backs of Combines, and catching and throwing grenades back. Most importantly, each arm is necessary for action. When holding a door, Alyx must use 1 hand to hold the door and the other to shoot. Same for climbing ladders, Alyx must free a hand before she can return fire.

While the gameplay isn’t anything we haven’t the use of VR controls in this manner is simply amazing. If you can afford to play such a game you’re in for a wild ride.

Half-Life: Alyx launches for Steam this March 23rd.

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