You’ve finally made it to Shriek and learned of her depressing past. But despite this, she’s a danger to everyone and must be put down. It’s the only way to save Niwen.


Shriek has 4 phases in this fight. The first phase is pretty straight forward. Avoid being hit by her shockwaves and when she does an aerial attack watch for dark particles, that’s where she’s landing. Aim for the head, use Launch to get melee swings in or use your bow and arrow to shoot from afar.

Once she takes enough damage Shriek will begin chasing Ori. This is your standard chase sequence. By now you should be a pro at this.

The third phase is Shriek in panic mode. She’ll start off the phase with a short-range screech. Use your bow or explosives to hit her from afar. She’ll then use a range of aerial attacks and projectiles to attack Ori. You can use the side of the arena to avoid most of the attacks but the gas will rise or Shriek will attack that area specifically if you linger too long.

This phase will be hard as Shriek is only vulnerable for a short time after each attack. You should use long-range attacks to get in hits as melee strikes will take too long.

The final phase is the most intense. Shriek will start to hail non-targeting projectiles at Ori and start to destroy the arena one platform at a time. Followed by large sweeping aerial attacks. She’s completely invulnerable to damage during this period. Stay on the right-side of the arena to avoid the projectiles, her starting sweep, and then the destruction of the arena. The sweeping attacks that follow have no pattern. She’ll attack where Ori generally is. All you can do is try to avoid them by Bashing the projectiles.

Once 2 sweeps are completed she’ll finally be open to attack. Use any means to take Shriek down.

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