Unlike the Horned Beetle or Howl Mora is a formidable threat. This spider queen is strong, fast, and very dangerous. Here’s how to defeat her.

Mora has 4 phases. The first phase has Mora using her basic attacks. Large swipes, acid shots, and charging Ori. The key is to remain close to Mora and keep her in the corner. If she has too much distance she’ll start to shoot acid as either a small projectile or a highly focused laser. You can Bash the smaller acid shots back but it’s ideal to have her shoot them in the first place. If you powerup your bow attacks this will be much easier and there’s a grapple point you can shot down located on the upper right-hand corner of the roof.

Try and get Mora to perform her upper strike towards the wall each time by hanging onto the wall. It’s easy to dodge and you can counterattack easily. Keep looping the attacks and eventually, phase 2 will start.

Mora will break down the wall and increase the size of the arena. Mora can now summon adds but use the same tactics otherwise. The best tactic is to trigger phase 3 before she can summon her adds. If she does the adds will follow Ori into phase 4 unless killed.

Phase 3 is a chase sequence. Just follow the path.

Phase 4 is where things get crazy. Mora will enter panic mode and use the same tactics quicker before launching her final attack. Once her health drops to 15% she’ll call the darkness. Use your Flash ability but now you have to kill her before your energy runs out. There’s a crystal that you can use to regain lost energy.

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