The Luma Pools houses an old friend who is, unfortunately, the next major boss fight in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The guardian spirit Kwolok.

The first part of the fight is a standard chase sequence. Avoid the obstacles and get to the main arena.

Kwolok is pretty easy, but only if you have the Quickshot, Overcharge, Lifeforce, Reckless, Splinter, and Finesse shards. These will overcharge your bow and arrow to cause major damage to Kwolok. And if you beat him in under 2 minutes you’ll get an achievement.

Target Kwolok and make sure he doesn’t ground pound the center of the arena. Or it’ll reveal spikes on the floor and limit your range of movement. The second phase will have Kwolok summoning water and covering half the arena. Use your dash to launch yourself into the air and use your bow and arrow to take him down.

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