Mortal Kombat 11‘s next big character is Spawn and today NetherRealms released the acclaimed character’s gameplay trailer. Highlighting his many weapons.

The trailer opens with a cold opening with Spawn speaking to Scorpion about a possible partnership. But both want the other to be the leader so they fight.

NetherRealms included all of Spawn’s weapons and powers in his fighting style. Combining both his supernatural abilities with his use of traditional modern firearms. It’s all glorious and his brutality is amazing, with Spawn using every gun in his inventory and ripping the skin off Scorpion.

Spawn’s fatality is ridiculous. With the demon warrior breaking the bones of his enemy with his chains, tearing off their skin, and dissolving their organs in acid. Talk about overkill.

Spawn will launch for season pass owners on March 17th and everyone else on March 24th.