Death Stranding was confirmed for PC last for a Summer 2020 release. Now, 505 Games has confirmed it’ll launch this June 2nd. With a special Half-Life hat.

Sam Porter can dawn a headcrab hat during his adventure through America. Don’t worry, it won’t turn him into a zombie.

In the official press release, 505 Games confirmed the title will have a photo mode, high frame rate, and ultra-wide support. Along with “The Art of Death Stranding” digital book with a soundtrack containing unreleased scores.

In addition to the base game, 505 Games’ offering also includes a selection from “The Art of DEATH STRANDING” digital book (by Titan Books), the DEATH STRANDING Original Score Expanded Edition digital soundtrack – which contains the award-winning score by Ludvig Forssell (published by Sony Music) as well as bonus unreleased tracks – and additional cosmetic items such as a Chiral Gold and Omnireflector coloured Bridges Cap and Ludens Mask sunglasses, a Gold and Silver Armor Plate and Gold and Silver Power, Speed and All-Terrain Skeletons. The Day 1 physical edition, which retails for $69.99, comes with all of the same content as well as a Steelbook slip case and new Steelbook artwork.

Death Stranding is now available for PS4.