Today Nintendo hosted their Indie World presentation. Showing off the various indie games coming to the Switch this year. And we have the entire list below.

Blue Fire Summer 2020 (Timed Console Exclusive)

Baldo Summer 2020 (Time Console Exclusive)

I Am Dead 2020 (Timed Console Exclusive)

B.ARK Late 2020 (Timed Console Exclusive)

Cyanide and Happiness – Freakpocalypse Summer 2020 (Timed Console Exclusive)

Summer of Mara Spring 2020 (Timed Console Exclusive)

Quantum League Late 2020

The Good Life 2020

The Last Campfire Summer 2020

PixelJunk Eden 2 Summer 2020

Faeria Spring 2020

Eldest Soul Summer 2020 (Timed Console Exclusive)

Blair Witch Summer 2020

Ghost of a Tale Spring 2020

Sky Summer 2020

Sky Rocket Available Now

Superliminal Summer 2020

Wingspan Spring 2020

Dicey Dungeons 2020

Bounty Battle Summer 2020

Moving Out April 28th, 2020

Exit the Gungeon Now Available

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