Today Yacht Club Games revealed their new game. A new installment in the Shovel Knight franchise called Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon.

The project will combine puzzle gameplay, dungeon crawling, and rogue-lite elements.

Enter a world of falling block puzzle games, with a dungeon-crawling twist! An all-new hybrid that’s never been seen before.

Bump into enemies to battle them and trade damage in a unique combat system. Group foes together for massive chain attacks while grabbing keys, power-ups, and potions to refill your health!

A bold new visual style complements a new story. Learn the ropes from your pal Puzzle Knight as you attempt to escape the mysterious Pocket Dungeon. Shovel Knight’s signature storytelling and humor are on full display!

Take control of more than 10 of your favorite heroes from the Shovel Knight universe, each with a unique power and play style.

Equip yourself on the fly with a treasure trove of items and equipment. Mix and match your loadout to prepare for any encounter.

Play in a variety of ways with Story Mode, 2 player competitive Versus Mode, and much more.

Another incomparable soundtrack in a new style by astonishing virtuoso Jake Kaufman!

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon doesn’t have a release date or set platforms.

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