Resident Evil 3 2020 launches in a few weeks. Today, several press outlets were able to go hands-on with the title. Showing off new gameplay of both the campaign and multiplayer mode. And Capcom confirmed that a demo will be coming soon.

The new footage shows off Nemesis’ new movement system. Before the creature was limited to running at high-speeds and using his iconic rocket launcher. Now, Nemesis can leap great distances, use its tentacles to knock Jill off balance, and still charge at high-speed.

Jill has a greater range of movement. Able to dodge and if done perfectly can trigger a slow-motion effect and dodge a greater distance. In addition, Jill has an unbreakable knife and can unlock locks without needing a code. Updated models of existing enemies were also shown during the demo such as the Drain Deimos and Hunter Gamma.

IGN provided new footage of the multiplayer mode. Showing off new maps, enemies, and options for the Mastermind.

Resident Evil 3 2020 launches for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 this April 3rd.

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