With new hardware on the horizon, it should be expected that peripherals will follow. Sony’s PS5 launches later this year and while we haven’t seen the system yet Sony is working hard on new controllers, not just the Dualshock 5. With a new patent showing off a new VR controller.

The patent was reported on by UploadVR and the images shown are not too different from other VR controllers. With a strap used to keep the controller from dropping, gripping the controller with all 5 fingers, the index finger is placed on a specific sensor while the thumb is at the base next to a trigger.

It does seem that Sony has learned from the giant ball design of the original move. Instead going for what looks like a bomb trigger instead. But it’s likely we won’t see this new controller for a while. Or maybe I’m wrong and Sony will launch the PS5 with a new PS VR and the controllers to match.

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