The exclusive period for Metro Exodus on the Epic Games Store for PC is coming to an end next week. With Metro Exodus coming to Steam this February 15th.

Metro Exodus is the third entry in the popular Metro series. It launched on the Epic Games Store for PC as an exclusive title for 1 year. Deep Silver made the deal because of the revenue split, with Epic taking a 12 percent take instead of Valve’s 20 percent.

Metro Exodus received mostly glowing reviews. With many gamers finding the open world a breath of fresh air compared to the original games. While others found the open world took away much of the tension of being in a closed area. The story remained a highlight with the second DLC Sam’s Story coming this February 11th.

Many were annoyed about the decision and decided not to purchase the game. If preference doesn’t matter Metro Exodus is available on Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and PS4. Along with Xbox Game Pass.