Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is the next game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Exploring the past of Lord Xehanort before he became a Master Keyblade warrior.

Square Enix has provided new information about Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. Such as exclusive content to those who play Kingdom Hearts Union X.

First off, you don’t need to play Kingdom Hearts Union X to access Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is a stand-alone game.

・This campaign will only occur once for the release of KHDR.
・Only players who have played KHUX before the release of KHDR will be eligible. Any progress made to the Album following the release of KHDR will not reward any points in KHDR.
・The Medal Album can be viewed by opening MENU > Other > Album in “KHUX”.

New Kingdom Hearts Dark Road images were provided. With the game looking just like Union X.

In addition, all the original KH games are now available on Xbox One. With the titles coming to Game Pass later this month. The titles are the remastered versions of the game but that’s probably for the best.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road launches this Spring for mobile devices.

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