Somehow Final Fantasy VII Remake’s start had some surprises in store, even though it still consisted of exactly what everyone expected.

Square Enix released the game’s opening movie Friday morning, which revealed that this version of the story will start with a bit of a different tone.

Aerith still walks out into the busy Midgar streets, and Cloud still hops off the train to begin the adventure. But a variety of establishing shots — and a familiar, foreboding sound if you can spot it — precede that iconic sequence now, driving home the point of just how big and lively Remake’s take on Midgar is (it will be home for much, if not all, of this first game, after all).

Piecing together what has already been seen from E3 2019 and leaked demo footage, the movie will lead directly into gameplay once Cloud sets foot on the ground, just like the PS1 original.

The release of the opening movie comes just a day after Square Enix dropped a bevy of new screenshots and details involving new and old characters, combat, and summons over on the PlayStation Blog.

The wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t much longer. The highly-anticipated title will be on the show floor at PAX East in Boston in less than two weeks, and then the game will finally launch on April 10.

There ain’t no gettin’ off of this train.

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