With just two months left until Final Fantasy VII Remake’s launch, the countdown for one of gaming’s most highly-demanded projects is on.

As the game’s April 10 release date approaches, Square Enix has been steadily showing off more and more of the title, with the latest piece of media being key-art that puts the spotlight on the end of the story’s first act.

So with that in mind, SPOILERS BELOW.

The key-art, shared online Friday, shows off the end of the highway escape, where the party — consisting of Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith (Aeris) and Red XIII by that point —  make the move to leave Midgar.

For comparison, here’s how that part of the game played out in the original PS1 version…

Remake will only be covering VII’s opening act, though Square Enix has stated repeatedly that its section of the story and Midgar as a setting have been expanded on greatly because of this. The rest of the re-imagined story is to come in follow-up installments.

The latest trailer for the game was uploaded last Friday to coincide with the 23rd anniversary of the original Final Fantasy VII’s Jan. 31, 1997 launch. It showed off more story beats, new character designs that had yet to be seen and unveiled Remake’s theme song “Hollow.”

Square Enix also recently announced plans to take Remake’s music on tour.

Elsewhere in Final Fantasy VII news, it’s Aerith’s birthday…happy birthday, Aerith!

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