Boss Key Productions was the studio started by Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski. The company developed Lawbreakers and the early access title Radical Heights before shutting down. In a recent fun fact, Bleszinski stated that the company was in talks to create a new Aliens game.

According to Bleszinski, the game would have the player controlling Newt. Now fully grown Ripley would be your “Cortana/Anya” and the game would be in first-person. Weyland-Yutani would’ve weaponized the Xenomorphs in a unique facility that Bleszinski stated was like Black Mesa when hell breaks loose.

This wasn’t the only game Boss Key Productions was pitching. Back in 2018, Bleszinski revealed 3 games such as a Mario Kart VR title, a tank title codenamed Rover, and a title similar to Scalebound called DragonFlies.

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