Well with the Season 4 update to Apex Legends, Caustic is not longer the edgiest legend on the battlefield. The long rumored arrival of Revenant is here! He’s rude, he’s skilled at murdering, and he does not care if you live or die. He kind of reminds me of that guy in the mosh pit who is clearly just trying to start a fight with people. You know the guy who windmills his fists, throws actual punches or just flat out shoves people to the ground. With that in mind, Revenant takes a little getting used to. Let’s take a look at a few different ways to use this new killing machine’s abilities effectively on the battlefield.

Why Can’t I Just Die Already?!

Revenant yells that when he respawns from his beacon and it’s honestly one of the most relatable things I’ve heard while playing Apex Legends. Using that beacon effectively can make all the difference when trying to take down one team or even trying to be the third party. The number one mistake I’ve seen players make is setting it behind a rock or a vehicle, thinking it is safe from being shot out. In reality, dropping Revenant’s beacon there leaves it open to snipers in most situations. Since players who use the beacon spawn with low health, they are one simple shield crack away from being knocked.

In order to help combat that keeps in mind the benefits of putting it behind a door or stashing it in a nearby room, that will help mid-fight when you respawn and need to pop some healing before reengaging the enemy. Also, the beacon does not automatically grant players a respawn. In order for it to take effect, you must go to the beacon and hit the corresponding button.

This beacon is used most effectively to overwhelm your foes. It’s almost like rushing your enemies as two squads. You can spam grenades into a fight and run in to break shields and potentially knock players. Then when you get killed you pop back to the beacon and either rush or heal as needed. Another strategy I rarely see but is super effective is to hide the beacon nearby and if someone gets knocked in a fight use it to run over and grab them. If you get shot you just reappear at your hopefully undiscovered beacon and can fight again.


Revenant is very demanding and will frequently tell others to shut up or get to the ring or he will kill you himself. He often yells the former when sending out his regular ability. One of the best ways to use it is as a third party in a fight. If both teams are fighting in close quarters they are likely not away for others around them due to all the noise and being focused on one team. It is up to you if you wait until people start getting knocked or if you want to pick one team to have dropped so you can push in.

What this ability does is it negates all abilities. Mirage can’t decoy, Wattson can’t fence or Pylon, Lifeline can’t throw a doc bot, etc and absolutely no one can ult. In fact, I’ve had my ult stopped by it, I was trying to rush out and throw my ult as Mirage to escape fire and right as it hit I was able to be seen and subsequently killed.

A lesser-known strategy is to throw this down and Revenant can actually hide in it pretty easily due to the black mist and red center. Use it to shield back up or heal as needed during a fight. Most of the time an enemy team won’t expect you to emerge from the shadowy orb. It is a great chance to catch them off guard.

That’s Mine!

Revenant usually claims items by shouting this, and he usually adds on “no one touch it”! He’s a rude boy who never learned the value of please and thank you. Then again if I was a trained assassin who was forced into a robot body by an evil corporation and I had started to see through my coding protocols, I probably wouldn’t have great social graces either. In any light Revenant is perfect for aggressive plays. Using the plays mentioned above, or your own, paired with certain guns can easily secure you a win in a match.

The 99 remains one of the best guns in the game even with its recent nerf. With at least a blue clip on it, it can easily damage a group or isolate one legend. The gun you choose to pair it with will also help you out immensely. I still prefer to use the Wingman even with its’ recent ammo count nerf. It essentially just reduced the amount of ammo in each magazine, but now the Wingman starts with five bullets as opposed to four. It is still super satisfying to damage someone heavily with the R-99 then hot-swap to the Wingman and knock someone with a well-placed hip fire from the pistol.

Two other great guns to run as Revenant are the Peacekeeper and the Spitfire. The Peacekeeper, as much as I hate it, is still in the meta and can ruin people with one or two shots. The Spitfire is great at shredding enemies in close quarters or just laying down covering fire. A nice substitute that should be mentioned is the R-301, it does slightly more damage than a R-99 but with slightly less predictably bullet spread.

I personally tend to stay away from sniper rifles as Revenant but with both of his passive abilities they do make a solid way to play. Revenant can crouch run, as well as climb way high than other legends. Using that with a sniper rifle can give you the edge over players at various ranges.

Closing it Out

Revenant is a great addition to the Apex Legends roster. He shakes up the fight in new ways and is a great team member despite his demeanor. His interactions with other legends can lead to some pretty funny moments. Especially when he flatly says ” I’m not thanking you” and Mirage fires back with “You, my friend, are very welcome”. He had one of the best reveal trailers to date by slaughtering Forge and making everyone remember his name.

Take the strategies above and try to work them into your play style. At the very least you’ll boost your kill count.



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