Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s next season has been revealed. With season 2 bringing new maps, modes, and operators. And it all starts tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow players can access:

Multiplayer Maps Rust and Atlas Superstore

Ground War Map Zhokov Boneyard

Gunfight Maps Bazaar and More

New Weapons GRAU 5.56 and Striker 45

Multiplayer Modes Gunfight Tournaments and COL Playlist

New Operator Ghost

After tomorrow the following content will be available over the course of the season.

Coming Soon

Multiplayer Map Khandor Hideout

Operators Talon and Mace

Multiplayer Modes NVG Reinforce, Gunfight Variants, Infected Ground War, and More

New Weapons (Not shown)

The new season will also mean a new battle pass.

Rank Up with New Trials & Missions

Grind through the ranks of Season Two by mastering challenges, missions, ribbons, and more to collect XP. Your Season One ribbons, and final rank will be memorialized, and your rank will be refreshed starting a new journey towards Officer Rank 155. Here’s some ways you can add to your XP and climb the ranks:

New Trials

Trials are solo ventures where players can earn a star ranking (up to three stars) which gives them XP. Four Trials will be available at Season Two launch:

Race (Launch Day)

Hop on an ATV and finish the race as fast as possible. Master the course to get your best time and hopefully earn a three-star ranking and some sweet rewards.

Pitcher (Launch Day)

A more explosive version of Cornhole has arrived. Practice your throwing skills with lethal equipment and toss as many Frags on target as possible within the time limit.

Gun Course 3.0 (Launch Day)

A quick decision isn’t always a good decision. Sharpen your decision making and eliminate the enemy as you face waves of hostiles mixed with civilians.

Clear the Area 2.0 (Launch Day)

Do your best in this live fire exercise. Find and eliminate all hostiles in the area of operations as quickly as possible.

New Missions

Earn rewards and XP by completing daily challenges and missions. Plus, new Operator missions to earn unique gear for your Operator are available through the Battle Pass. New in the Missions & Challenges tab in Barracks this Season are Special Ops missions. These can be activated in Barracks in the Missions tab for XP rewards earned during Co-Op play.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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