Just play it cool and speak like a normal human being. That one might be easier said than done.

Affable Games’ Speaking Simulator will release on Steam and the Nintendo Switch eShop next week on January 30, challenging players to make their way through everyday conversations and prove that their character is totally not a robot.

There are 10 different social scenarios to play through, like a job interview and a date, where players will have to keep suspicion to a minimum so they don’t blow their cover. But with a control scheme that ties mouth and tongue movements to the mouse and keyboard, again, that’s easier said than done. The results are usually hilarious.

There will be other ways to help your robot character (who is customizable) blend in too, like smiling, raising an eyebrow, and trying to maintain proper eye contact.

Speaking Simulator will be available on Nintendo Switch, Windows, and Mac on January 30. Add it to your wishlist on Steam and stay tuned for our review of Speaking Simulator.


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