Final Fantasy VII Remake’s delay hit a lot of fans hard. But the recent trailer will remedy most of those wounds. Highlighting iconic scenes from the original game and showing off first the first time cross-dressing Cloud, Red XIII, Jenova and so much more.

The trailer is about 4 minutes long and needs to be watched multiple times. It starts off showing off the moment Cloud decided to join SOLDIER. With Cloud speaking to Tida when they were kids at the Water Tower in their hometown. The trailer quickly cuts between iconic events during the first disc. With Cloud dressing up as a woman to save Tifa, meeting Red XIII for the first time, and fights between Shinra’s deadly machines and Jenova itself. We also get a glimpse at new cutscenes featuring original characters in this updated version such as the mysterious 1st Class SOLDIER we now know knows Cloud.

The trailer is teeming with moments that fans of the original game will instantly recognize and pick out from the new content.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on April 10th for PS4. Part 2 is now in development.

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