The intro and gameplay footage for Final Fantasy VII Remake’s demo have found their way online.

YouTube user Lystrasza uploaded the game’s intro on Tuesday, showing up to the second when players take control as Cloud for VII’s opening bombing run. More extensive footage of the demo was later uploaded by user LM V2, confirming that the mission would be playable in its entirety. The bombing run was shown off in part’s during Square Enix’s E3 presentation back in June and in full to the media behind close doors.

Not only is this a sizable look at the new Midgar, but as Twitter user Pixelbuster pointed out, the remake’s demo follows the same structure as the original’s in the lead up to its PS1 release back in 1997.

The leaked footage comes a week after PSN data tracker Gamestat spotted a listing for the demo being added to the PlayStation Store’s database.

At the time of publication, the demo has yet to be made officially available, and there’s been no word on it from either PlayStation or publisher Square Enix (though it did offer a glimpse at the train graveyard on Monday).

The highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch on March 3 for the PS4.

Final Fantasy VII Demo leaked gameplay footage below (SPOILER WARNING FOR UPDATED STORY AND CHARACTER BEATS)

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