Hot on the heels of its announcement on Tuesday, Bandai Namco has released full-match footage and gameplay details for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, the publisher’s upcoming anime soccer game.

Based on the long-running manga series from Yoichi Takahashi, the game is taking its own arcade-based approach to soccer, which could allow it to stand out as a nice alternative in a market that has solely been dominated by the simulation-style titles in EA’s FIFA and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer for the past decade.

As seen in the footage below (upload by CGInferno on YouTube), Rise of Champions’ vibrant colors and art direction, and a mix of music and play-by-play commentary in its sound design really help the game pop on the audiovisual front.

Rise of New Champions‘ gameplay will ultimately be what keeps players going, however, and Bandai Namco gave an overview of how the game’s fast-paced, action-oriented approach to the sport will work.

Each player on the pitch will have what’s called a “Spirit Gauge” (a stamina meter in other words) that can be used to perform moves and trigger special skills that differ based on factors like the current score of the game and a given character’s position and attributes.

Teams will also have a shared gauge that gets filled by playing well and boosting morale. “V Zone” can be activated once the gauge is maxed out to give everyone on the team temporary buffs.

Rise of New Champions, which is being developed by Tamsoft, doesn’t have a set release date just yet. But the game will launch for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC at some point this year.

SOURCES: Bandai Namco, CGInferno

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