After leaks about Resident Evil 3 Remake surfaced many assumed it would appear at The Game Awards 2019. However, that’s not the case. Host Geoff Keighley has confirmed that Resident Evil 3 Remake will not be at The Game Awards 2019.

In a new AMA on Reddit, Keighley said that Resident Evil 3 will not be making an appearance during The Game Awards. “There are no plans (never were) to do anything with Resident Evil 3 at the show. A lot of these ‘leaks’ are completely wrong,” Keighley stated. “Nothing about our show has leaked as of this writing.”

The strange thing is that Keighley said that the leaks are completely wrong. This could be either the leaks regarding The Game Awards 2019 or perhaps Capcom. Either way we’ll just have to wait. Capcom has stated if there’s a demand they’ll be glad to remake dormant titles. With Dino Crisis rumored to be another game being remade.