It’s Christmas time. A time for spending time with your loved ones, giving back to the community and also experiencing pure anxiety over what the hell to buy someone. Seriously, I love Christmas but trying to figure out the right gift for everyone is the worst. Everyone has a particular taste, so if you’re like me, you want to get the right thing for the right person.

Now take that process, and throw in the fact the person you love is a gamer. This both makes the process a bit harder and easier depending on the person. We love our games, and we love the merch that comes out with it. This is a guide for you, the person who has no idea what their gamer daughter, son, cousin, significant others would like.

If anything, it gives you an idea of what a gamer might like ranging from a pair of socks, some collectibles all the way to a life-sized statue (so all budgets are accommodated). Well then, let’s get shopping!

Star Wars Yoda Lightsaber Chopsticks

If your favorite person is loving Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, and also loves gorging out on sushi, why not get a pair of these lightsaber chopsticks that glow! I have a pair myself, and I’ve only had a few people stare at me when using them (out of jealousy of course).

Star Wars Yoda Lightsaber Chopsticks

Entertainment Earth | $11.99

POP! Games: Marvel Spider-Man Spider-Punk

Get your loved one’s spider-senses tingling with this great POP! from the hit Playstation game Spiderman.

Image result for pop spider punk

Gamestop | $11.99

Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Key Plush Blanket

For the Kingdom Hearts fan in your life, give them a plush blanket this Christmas so they can get comfortable during those long cutscenes and trying to figure out what’s happening in the story.

Image result for Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Key Plush Blanket gamestop

Gamestop | $15.97

Nintendo Game Console 3 Pack Crew Socks

Keep your feet warm, and your geekdom in check with this three-pack of Nintendo inspired socks. If your loved one really loves Mario, Link and Donkey Kong, this is the right gift for them (and its practical for these cold days too).

First Person Clothing | $24.99

The Witcher Library Edition Volume 1

For the Witcher fans, give them a visual treat in the form of the first volume of comics based on the series. The multi-Eisner award-winning writer Paul Tobin wrote these amazing adventures featuring everyone’s favorite monster slayer Geralt. | $30.84

Legend of Zelda: Time to Save Hyrule Triforce Alarm Clock

Give the gift of time (and a pretty sweet Zelda collectible) with this triforce inspired alarm clock. This way, they can wake up early for the day and know when to play some video games.

Image result for Legend Of Zelda: Time To Save Hyrule Triforce Alarm Clock merchoid

Merchoid | $39.99

Halo UNSC Infinity Ship Replica

Prepare your loved ones for the next Halo entry with a beautiful replica of the UNSC Infinity Ship from Halo 4 and 5. This thing is well priced and gorgeous.

Halo UNSC Inifinity Ship Replica

Entertainment Earth | $44.99

Nintendo Console Junions Mini Backpack

Ditch the generic backpacks for the school year, and give your child a retro Nintendo bag that’s both functional and pretty sweet. Why didn’t I have this when I was a kid?

First Person Clothing | $49.99

God of War Axe Life-Size Foam Replica

Boy! Now that I have your attention, check out this life-size replica of Kratos’s Leviathan axe from  God of War. Nothing says Merry Christmas than a god slaying weapon.

God of War Axe Life Size Foam Replica

Entertainment Earth | $49.99

Overwatch Reaper Figma Action Figure

Nothing says you love someone than a figure for Overwatch, a game that your loved one has probably sunk thousands of hours into. This figure is poseable, comes with some cool accessories and looks pretty awesome without breaking the bank.

Overwatch Reaper Figma Action Figure

Entertainment Earth | $79.99

Pokemon: ‘Snorlax Used Rest’ Lamp

This is too cute not to add to the list. This Snorlax lamp glows bright and can double as a great looking figure for this adorable Pokemon.

Merchoid | $50.99

Resident Evil: Umbrella Operative Track Jacket

Give the gift of fitness this Christmas, leading into the new year with this Resident Evil inspired track jacket. Just let them know it protects against wind, not zombie bites.

Merchoid | $59.99

Official Destiny Satin Bomber Jacket Titan

Help the Guardian in your life reach peak fashion in Destiny with this satin bomber depicting one of the three main classes. In this case, the Titan, because they’re the best.

Geekstore | $89.99

The Skyrim Library – Volumes I, II, III (Box Set)

For the loremaster in your life, give them the gift of the entire Skyrim library collector set that collects all the in-game books and lore into three beautifully crafted volumes. I have this set personally, and it’s pretty amazing.

Barnes and Noble | $105

Logitech G935 LightSync Wireless Gaming Headset

Help up your loved one’s game with these amazing wireless headphones. I can personally vouch for how crystal clear the quality is, and how it’s changed the way I hear in video-games.

Gamestop | $129.99

Xbox One Series 2 Elite Wirelessntroller Co

The Xbox Elite controllers are probably the best set of controllers you will ever experience. If you give this to the gamer in your life, they will probably love you forever. I know I would.

Gamestop | $179.99

Corsair K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Improve your loves one’s gaming experience with this amazing Corsair keyboard. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, mechanical keyboards mean that their game will play as beautiful as the keyboard looks.

Image result for Corsair K70 RGB Mk2 SE Backlit Mechanical Cherry MX Speed Gaming Keyboard - Silver

Best Buy | $179 (Sale)

Fallout X-01 Power Armour Figure

Give the Fallout fan in your life the ultimate collectible, a freakin 1:6 scale X-01 power armor figure. It is painstakingly detailed, articulated and will make any wastelander happy this Christmas

Sideshow | $380

HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

This Christmas, give the gift of imaginative virtual worlds with an HTC Vive VR headset! Games like SuperhotNo Mans Sky are amazing virtual experiences that anyone would love!

Image result for htc vive virtual reality system

Gamestop | $499

Secretlab TITAN

If your loved one doesn’t mind getting a new gaming chair a bit late, get them the best possible gaming chair ever. We Canadians have created a chair so soft, so ergonomically perfect that it has allowed me to write this article this past while in pure comfort.

SecretLab Chairs | $559 (Canadian)

OMEN by HP Obelisk Desktop

When all else fails, a powerful gaming PC can win over pretty much anyone. While most times the best practice is to build your own computer but let’s face it, you don’t have the time or you’re too scared to build it from scratch. HP pre-build computers are high quality, well built and the ultimate gamer gift.

Image result for OMEN by HP Obelisk Desktop 875-0035qe

HP Omen | $1999


There you have it! With this guide, you are guaranteed to give someone a pretty awesome Christmas this year. Just remember to ask some probing but not obvious questions on what they like, and for the love of god, don’t give gift cards. Gift cards are an ABSOLUTE last resort.

Happy Holidays from Gaming Access Weekly!



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