There is a lot of potential for gift giving this holiday season. Not only did some amazing new games come out, but with the announcement of the next Xbox, the options are even broader. Set to release next year the next Xbox, called Xbox Series X, is said to allow backward compatibility across all Xbox libraries. Meaning players can go back to the original Xbox games and play the ones they missed.

That is absolutely fantastic for players such as myself who missed classics such as the Fatal Frame series, the original Silent Hill games, and so many other classic horror games. So if you really wanted to go the extra mile you could go hit up some retro stores ahead of the curves and look for various titles for the ones you love. If you want something a little more modern though check out the games below for ideas for that gamer in your life.

Apex Legends (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)

Apex Legends is one of the breakout titles of the year and better yet the game is 1oo percent free to play. While there are transactions in the game, for coins to unlock some items and get the battle pass, you never actually need to do those things. However, if you have an Apex Legends superfan in your life it would make their holiday season to open up that wrapping paper and see one of two paid editions for the game. Both the Lifeline Edition and the Bloodhound editions get you a bunch of in-game coins, but they also unlock skins in-game for each character respectively.

In its’ third season, Apex Legends is ever-evolving and it has been an exciting journey from where the game started. It took the simple drop-in and loot formula of the battle royale genre and found a new way to spin it. Apex Legends focuses on teamwork, grouping players into teams of three. Completely unique to the game are the larger than life characters who all have their own abilities that are vital to the battlefield. If you did want to snag that Apex Legends super fan one of the special editions to the game you’re in luck! They only run about twenty dollars and are sure to make you a legend this holiday season.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (PC, Xbox One)

I put close to 1300 hours into Apex Legends but since Halo: Reach was added to the Master Chief Collection it has me wondering what I put into the original Halo: Reach when it came out. If you’re on pc you can buy Reach separately from the other game which I like considering that dropped the price to just ten dollars. If you want to play through Master Chief’s entire story it will cost you between 25 and 3o dollars depending on where you shop.

I’d recommend it considering the number of improvements that came to the collection since it released. As someone who didn’t play at least three games in the multi-part franchise it would be amazing to receive this as a gift. This may be one of the biggest bangs for your buck in the history of gaming. The bundle features six games that chronicle the fall of Reach, the rise of Chief and the emergence of a new power threat. Grab, Halo: Reach, Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, and 4 for one price right now for endless hours of entertainment.

My Friend Pedro (Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One)

I wanted to hate this game so much. I hate side scroll games, platformers, and games with no voice acting but there is something about My Friend Pedro that pulls me in like other games from those genres can’t. It’s probably all the shooting, humor, and the ability to dodge bullets like a smooth criminal. So the story breaks down (as far as I’ve played it) you have amnesia and a magic banana helps you take out the criminal underworld as you fight your way to the truth. I’m not kidding, it’s Devolver Digital, what do you expect?

My Friend Pedro has been described as a bullet ballet and I think that is very fitting. At times it is high paced and there is a ton of bullets flying everywhere, then suddenly you’re in a motorcycle chase, and LSD inspired dream it’s a non-stop thriller. Plus any game that lets me reflect bullets off of a pan into enemies is a huge highlight. There are physical copies of this game on a few platforms and thankfully enough they won’t cost you much. Go on this insane adventure for about twenty dollars.

Demon’s Tilt (PC, Xbox One)

Pinball is surprisingly enjoyable, throw in a Demonic overtone and you got me completely invested. Demon’s Tilt has everything mentioned above and more! What more could it have? Well hidden objectives to gain more points that’s what. The player takes on Lilith and some of her cronies as the ball bounces around the virtual machine. Hit certain spots to move along Lilith’s boss fight and grab some bonuses that way.

Taking out the mini-bosses can also gather specials like a vortex that will save your ball if your paddles can’t hit it. There is so much more to this game than I have time to talk about, so if you are looking for an excellent time killer grab Demon’s Tilt now for just fifteen sacrificed pieces of paper.

Pick of The Month: Resident Evil 2 (Xbox One, PC, PS4)

I’ve talked about my love for Resident Evil 2 before but with Resident Evil 3’s remake coming out soon now is a great time to revisit it. See the outbreak that started it all in Raccoon City in an updated and modern way. With A side and B sides to both Leon and Claire’s, there is a ton of replayability in this package. Not to mention the extra survivor one-shot modes that offer some bonuses to persistent players. See Leon’s quite possibly worst first day on the job ever as well as Claire’s adventures in babysitting and monster killing right now for about thirty dollars.

This time of year is supposed to be a magical time where families come together, neighbors aren’t complete shit sacks to each other and the future feels bright. It doesn’t feel that way to me but if you want to make someone else’s holiday just a little better grab any of the games above and watch them smile when it is unwrapped.