The Surge 2 is receiving a new DLC titled Public Enemy Weapon Pack. The Public Enemy Weapon Pack is included in The Surge 2‘s Season Pass or can be purchased for $4.99

The Public Enemy Weapon Pack includes 13 new weapons including:

– The “Codename: Engelhart” Single Rig weapon
– The “MG Jackknife” Single Rig weapon
– The “Foremen’s Divine Hands” Twin Rig weapon
– The “Wave of Tomorrow” Spear
– The “Codename: Carmina” Spear
– The “Severed Rotor Blade” Hammer
– The “Codename: Parsifal v2.0” Hammer
– The “Portable Omni-Assembler” Heavy Duty weapon
– The “Kate 2.0” Staff
– The “MG Ignis” Staff
– The “Strongarm Twinblade” Sword
– The “MG Centurion” Sword
– The “Codename: Zarathrustra” Punching Gloves

The Surge 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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