Veteran developers of PAYDAY and PAYDAY 2, 10 Chambers Collective, next game GTFO will event Steam Early Access next year. But the developers released a new trailer. Showing off what players can expect from the game’s “The Rundown”.

The story has 4 prisoners held captive by an entity called “The Warden” and put into an underground complex.

The Rundown has players traveling through tiers of expeditions. The top tiers are the easiest but as you descend, things get harder.

This is timed and once the timer runs out the previous Rundown is terminated and a new one appears. This provides an ever-changing terrain for players to adapt to. With each one lasting a specific time.

The developers did note that they plan to continue with GTFO development through the sale of cosmetics but there will be no loot boxes, subscription, or pay-to-win options. Those who jump into early access will be given a live timeline for the game’s development.

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