Red Dead Online is getting a special Halloween update called Fear the Dark. It’s not Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare but its the next best thing.

The update will add a lot of Halloween themed items and missions to take part in.

Fear of the Dark is a terrifying new limited-time addition to Red Dead Online Showdown Modes pitting supernaturally fast, tough and strong Night Stalkers against mere mortal Hunter counterparts. The Night Stalkers’ powers, however, are tied to the skull masks strewn about their stomping grounds. The more masks the Hunters get their hands on, the weaker the Night Stalkers become, while the Hunters’ own weapons grow stronger.

The new bounty mission has you looking for Tobin Winfield, a corrupt politician in Thieves Landing.

Is there anything more abhorrent than a corrupt politician? While serving in office, the former mayor Tobin Winfield squirreled away public monies for years. Now he’s disgraced and in hiding, wanted for larceny and embezzlement. This crooked official was last seen around Thieves’ Landing.

New clothing includes Tobacco Hat, the woven straw Thacker Hat, the Southwestern-patterned Torranca Coat, Manstilla Poncho, Creswell Skirt, Sierra Boots and Pickett Boots.

Lastly, players can get exclusive masks and all Cleavers, Machetes, Tomahawks, and Throwing Knives are 30% off. Players who play from now until November 3rd will get 3x Gold and 2x Red Dead Money.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. It’ll launch for PC this November 5th and on Steam this December.

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