During the recent 24-hour Pokemon Sword and Shield livestream a new Galarian Ponyta was shown. The livestream didn’t show the new variation attacking and was taken off-screen quickly. Now, Gamefreak and Nintendo have provided more details about the new Ponyta.

This version of Ponya isn’t a Fairy type, like the look would assume, but instead a Psychic-type. When attacking the hair of the Ponyta and its horn pulses with energy before unleashing an attack. In addition, this Ponyta will have the ability Pastel Veil where it negates the effects of Poison for itself and allies when battling. This Pokemon will be exclusive to Pokemon Shield.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see its evolution form Rapidash. Considering how loyal this Ponyta is to its original look we can assume that the Rapidash form will also look much like the original.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches for Nintendo Switch this November 15th.

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