Code Vein is getting a new patch this October. With Bandai Namco adding new cosmetics to get players into the Halloween spirit.

Called Patch 1.04 players will have access to new Halloween themed items. In addition, the game will change certain aspects. Such as being able to change partners at Mistle, turning off conversations during exploration, and more.

Character creation

  • Adding new creation accessories, color pallets and face paints featuring Halloween.
  • Adding a new function for hair parts that allows to use as left-right symmetry.


  • Allowing to change partners at Mistle from the beginning.
  • Adding a new function to lock the map direction.
  • Adding a new function to turn off conversations during exploration.
  • Adding pop-up messages while getting abnormal conditions.
  • Changing the trigger conditions for “the Trial of Blood” .
  • Allowing to drain ichor from the sandbag during training

Code Vein is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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