Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has reached its end. With the DLC expansions now finished and the 1-year anniversary almost here Ubisoft has shown what players can expect from the final update.

The update will include a new mount available for purchase called Melaina, which is a mix of a unicorn and pegasus. In addition, Ubisoft is giving players 1 Epic Encounter each day. With valuable rewards for toppling the ship or mercenary.

Later in October, we’ll be releasing our final title update, Patch v1.5.1, for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. While the upcoming patch will focus on bug fixes, additional details will be shared across social channels before its release. Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and official forums for all the latest news!

The encounters include:

Week 1

October 1 October 2 October 3 October 4 October 5 October 6 October 7
Abia the Shaded Occylos the Successor Polycaste the Jilted Edonos the Charging Bull Shapur the Unforgiving Perdix the Wayfarer Okaleia the Lotus Eater


Week 2

October 8 October 9 October 10 October 11 October 12 October 13 October 14
Delos Palaityros Old Neurus Piraeus Keta’s Wrath Lakedaimonia Salaminia


Week 3

October 15 October 16 October 17 October 18 October 19 October 20 October 21
Ariathate the Winner Astarte the Swamp Aretos the Aid Harpina the Heavy-Hitter Testiklos the Nut Hygieia the Sword Laches the Eternal


Week 4

October 22 October 23 October 24 October 25 October 26 October 27 October 28
Black Wind The Tyrant Shadowed Nymph Hekate’s Grace Glory of the Law Fly Ikaros Lakonia


Week 5

October 29 October 30 October 31 November 1 November 2 November 3 November 4
Iaeira the Overcomer Narkissos the Babbler Nanno the Abacus Nester the Great Thaleia the Talon-Hand Auxesia the Spawn of Chaos Damais the Not-So-Indifferent

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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