Rooster Teeth Games new FPS uncooperative shooter Vicious Circle is now available on Steam. Vicious Circle pins 4 mercenaries against an overpowered monster for loot similar to titles such as Evolve and Dead by Daylight. 

Vicious Circle is now available on Steam for $19.99 along with a $9.99 “Founders Pack” that has a collection of cosmetic items. The DLC plans for Vicious Circle include a free battle pass with extra maps and characters being added for free over the course of 2019. With season 1 including over 80 exclusive items, 3 new events, and 1 new gadget.

Season 2 promises 1 new map, 1 new monster, 1 new mercenary, new gadgets, new events, new cosmic chaos rolls, and more cosmetics.

Rooster Teeth will be holding live stream on its website this Friday, August 16, from 3 PM CST until 9 PM CST. With a preview of the game held by Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter last month.

Vicious Circle is now available for PC.

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