Since its debut in Gears of War 2, Horde Mode has been one of the most popular cooperative modes in the series. With Gears 5’s latest trailer from Gamescom 2019 showing off the new changes coming to Hode mode. Such as classes and ultimate abilities.

The trailer highlighted that players can use ultimate abilities such as JD’s airstrike, Fahz can shoot and see through walls, Kait has cloaking, and use Jack to heal, repair, and attack enemies. Marcus Fenix has been confirmed as a playable character with more on the way.

In addition, The Coalition revealed that energy geysers will appear every 10 waves along with bosses. Forcing players from their reinforced defenses. With bosses now having displayable health bars. On a side note, the trailer did also show a Berserker. This was one of the deadliest enemies in the Gears of War franchise and it looks like this Swarm variant has borrowed some features from its Lambent version.

Gears 5 launches for Xbox One, PC, and through Xbox Game Pass this September 10th. With a special edition Xbox One launching the same day.

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