Gamers who’ve played Alan Wake and Max Payne 2 are probably familiar with Poets of the Fall. Now, the band has been confirmed to be working with Remedy Entertainment again with their upcoming game Control.

Sam Lake made the announcement in the video above. Highlighting that the song My Dark Disquiet will be featured in Control. Along with a unique track just for the game that is “never been done” before.

Control stars Jesse Farden. Taking place in The Oldest House that’s part of the Federal Bureau of Control Jesse is looking for her brother. Things go bad from the start as Jesse learns the organization run by the US Government is charged with the investigation of the supernatural. Shortly Jesse finds out the building has been taken over by a supernatural force known as the Hiss. Jesse is promoted to the Bureau’s director and given the Service Weapon, charged with pushing back the Hiss and restoring order.

Control launches this August 27th for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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