Life is Strange 2 has a lot of profound and difficult moments, with Sean and Daniel constantly under pressure just to survive. After the events of episode 3, Sean is now alone and trying to coup with everything that has transpired. Episode 4 Faith puts puzzles aside and focuses on the narrative. Having Sean take on a whole new set of problems that has him faced with the possibility of death.

Find Sean

Taking place 1 month after episode 3 Sean was previously in a coma following Daniel’s outburst. Now faced with life in juvenile hall Sean must attempt to cooperative with the FBI regarding what happened in Seattle. It’s not long before Sean finds out where Daniel is heading and decides to escape. Breaking laws and attempting to survive the trip.

Sean’s journey is peppered with dangerous and kind-hearted individuals. With the player having to decide who to trust and how to proceed. Sometimes the intentions of the person are given to the player and other times they are not. Episode 4 constantly toys with this idea of trust and honesty, with Sean having to take a long hard look at himself and decide what’s most important to him. And what he is willing to do for it.

While the episode does introduce a lot of new characters it also takes the time to answer some lingering questions. I cannot say what they are for the sake of spoilers. But questions to certain questions are given clarity. Especially some that have been on the mind of players since the beginning.

No Puzzles, Yes!

Life is Strange, as a series, weak points have always been the puzzles. Whether it’s finding the right combination of answers to progress or turning on the water. However, here those moments that break up the narrative are not here. Instead, DontNod has placed all the focus on the narrative. Giving the player multiple profound choices to make. Leading up to an emotional ending where Sean decides how far he’ll go for Daniel.

More Polished

Thankfully, episode 4 plays well. There’s no floating NPCs or weird cutscene moments. The loading times are still long and some scenes are unskippable. But these are small issues for what is a stellar episode.

However, a profound issue is the skip system. There are still ample situations that players cannot skip and must play through, which is frustrating. With a game that involves making decisions to alter the story, having a universal skip option to get to the critical decisions is necessary. Hopefully, this will be featured in the next episode.

One More Episode

Life is Strange 2 Episode 4 ends on a strong note. Having Sean to showcase how far he’s willing to go for Daniel. The absence of puzzles and including only 1 scavenging situation allows the narrative to flow without breaks. Leading up to an incredible conclusion. Now the wait begins for the actual finale and how Sean and Daniel’s journey will end. Either with them finally finding peace or losing everything. Either way, Episode 4 Faith has been a wild ride and the best episode of this entire season.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 4: Faith Review
  • More Focus on Story Than Puzzles
  • Intense Decisions and Profound Story Moments
  • Incredible Finale
  • Long Load Times
8.8Overall Score
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