Are you excited for Gear 5? If you have it pre-ordered digitally you can start pre-download the game and have it ready when it launches in a few weeks.

It was revealed that a new Hive map, for the game’s cooperative Escape mode, will launch almost every week with new rewards. In total there will be 11 maps, 7 arena-style, and 4 Hive, with 50+ tiles for the map builder mode.

It was revealed that TCA Partners will be streaming this week on Wednesday afternoon (PT) and Thursday:

Alkaleb (ES-MX)

Ashes (EN)

Domez (EN)

EMK EyeofTiger (ES-MX)

EMK Krauser (ES-MX)

ElGamerWicho (ES-MX)

EnemyKitty (ES-MX)


MooMooMilk (EN)

Rawr (EN)


Sparckl (ES-MX)

Sumuns (EN)

In addition, a Map Builder for Versus and Horde mode will be available soon. Those looking forward to the competitive arena. With the first reward for those who achieve the highest rank in each playlist will get the flaming Masters Skin and Emblem.

Gears 5 launches for Xbox One, PC, and through Xbox Game Pass this September 10th.

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