Gears 5 will feature a brand new cooperative mode called Escape. With the Colation releasing new gameplay footage of the cooperative mode.

Escape has 3 players attempting to infiltrate and destroy a Swarm Hive. Players start with just a pistol and gather supplies within the Hive. The primary goal to plant a Venom bomb and kill everything inside. The issue is that the bomb will kill everything inside, you included. So once it’s planted you better start running.

The issue is that the Swarm won’t make it easy. Players will have access to safe rooms and ultimate abilities but the Swarn will have their numbers. If you choose to tackle the mode on the game’s hardest difficulties and finish the Hive quickly you’ll be rewarded with extra experience and rare loot.

Gears 5 launches for Xbox One, PC, and through Xbox Game Pass this September 10th. With a special edition Xbox One launching the same day.

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