Fans keeping up with Beyond Good and Evil 2 know that Ubisoft partnered with HitRecord to create the soundtrack. Now, Ubisoft is using the same company for Watch Dogs: Legion and not everyone is happy.

HitRecord will provide a combination of metal, punk, electronic, rock and other musical scores related to London. Basically, HitRecord opens a project and anyone can add to the soundtrack, with anyone capable of adding or remixing parts of the score. Each song is then paid by HitRecord, not Ubisoft, if sent to Ubisoft by HitRecord for $2,000 and split between the artist who contributed to the song based on their involvement. Works that are not chosen will not be compensated for.

As you can see from the Tweet above, many find an issue with this deal. With many citing this is a form of a hashtag #nospec which means “no speculative work”. The American Institute of Graphic Arts describes “spec work” as “work done for free in the hopes of getting paid for it” or “work done in the hope of winning a prize, in whatever form that might take”.

Several notorious creators also voiced their issue with this deal.

“This sucks. Pay people for their labour,” said Mike Bithell, developer of John Wick Hex. “Stop exploiting fans and hobbyists, while devaluing the work of those with the gall to actually expect consistent payment for work done. Do better Ubi, we’re counting on you. #nospec. Suggested better approach: Do an open call for submissions of existing work from aspiring musicians. Invest in a proper review process. Commission those whose work fits and pay them to produce work, you know, like you would with any other worker.”

Rami Ismail, co-creator of indie studio Vlambeer, said “I am still not a fan of what read as “spec work under a proprietary open non-exclusive license” model, & prefer the “pay someone to browse SoundCloud to find cool music for which you then talk to the creator & pay them too”.

What do you think, should Ubisoft continue forward with HitRecord or hire a composer to create an original soundtrack for Watch Dogs: Legion? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch Dogs: Legion launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC on March 6, 2020.

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