The Coalition confirmed that the Gears 5 tech tests will start this month. With gamers able to download the test this July 17th for PC and Xbox One.

The tech test will offer Arcade, Escalation, and King of the Hill across 2 different maps. Players can also access Bootcamp and Tour of Duty in the testing.

The Coalition did confirm 2 more periods of testing before the end of July. With the first starting July 19th and ending July 21st. The second will start on July 26th and end July 29th. The beta will be offered to Xbox Game Pass subscribers and those who pre-order the game from retail.

If you need the PC requirements, they’ve available above.

This Technical Test allows us to stress test our servers over two focused Test Periods to ensure the best possible experience when large volumes of players rush in at launch.

For our PC fans, it gives us a critical opportunity to get the game onto PCs with unique combinations of hardware and software at scale. If any unforeseen issues arise, it gives us the opportunity ahead of launch to identify and address any issues ahead of release.

And of course, getting the Tech Test into your hands means we can gather your valuable feedback on each of the three modes to inform our development as we march towards launch day and beyond.

Thank you for your support and excitement for the Gears 5 Tech Test. We can’t wait to join you out there to play some Gears 5 Versus!

Gears 5 is set to launch on September 10, 2019, for both Xbox One and PC.