If there is one thing to look forward to in the summer, for many people, it is SUMMER VACATION! Are you a beach person? Do you climb mountains? Go camping? Do you sit in a dimly lit room and play video games as we do? Well, when we realized many of our writers aren’t going anywhere we decided to ask something a little different. “If you could, what video game universe would you spend your summer vacation in?”

John Donadio
Chief Operating Officer/Lover of the Sea

Spending time in a gaming universe for vaca, huh? Hmmm…For those that know me, they would probably expect me to say Skyrim because I’ve already spent 700 hours in that world. I think that is probably why I wouldn’t want to stay there. So, I think I would want to spend my summer vacation in a fun location filled with a lot of activities. That isn’t what usually drives my day-to-day life which is usually filled with the beach (since I live right near one). Like I’m the kind of dork that when he goes on vacation loves to go to Disney World and Universal and go on rides, see my favorite characters, and party at night! That is why I would want to visit the Mushroom Kingdom.

There is so much to do in the Mushroom Kingdom! If I don’t want to take the tours and see all the history there, I can go Go-Karting or play Tennis. Maybe I grab a few friends and play on that life-size board game! The fun never stops in the Mushroom Kingdom. I could hang with Bowser, or grab a drink with Waluigi and Daisy.  I could have a chill day on Yoshi’s Island or just gormandize some eats near my hotel on the tropical Isle Delfino. I could spend weeks there and never do the same thing twice. It sounds like a paradise of fun.

Allen Saunders
Editorials and Reviews Manager/ Hasn’t been on a non-work trip in over a decade

I’m not the best at this whole relaxation thing. Even in my own home I am constantly thinking about or doing some work-related thing. The sleepy little town of Silent Hill, oddly enough, strikes me as a place I could hang out for a bit and not really let things get to me. I mean it is hard to stress about the realities of the day-to-day, mundane life throws at you when there is an eight-foot-tall demon thing with a pyramid on his head roaming about. Then again the town is supposed to tailor-make all the “horrors” you come across to your own life. So, who knows, I could just end up getting chased everywhere by the girl from Ju-On. At least I’d be getting my cardio in.

I suppose if I wasn’t in the mood to be chased by scary things yelling “Abloogey woogey woo” I could hang out in decaying ruins of wherever Neir: Automata took place in. Left alone in the vast nothingness of either the city or the desert area for a while could do wonders for giving my brain some time to rest. Plus I’d probably get some sort of freebies being the only actual human present, so enjoy the little things I guess.

Robin G.
Senior Staff and Editorial Writer / Loves traveling but is also okay with staycations (because, money)

I love traveling, plain and simple. I’ve been to a handful of countries over the last few years and it has honestly been life-changing. But being a gamer, I’ve spent as much time (if not more) in virtual worlds than traveling to real countries; It’s oddly relaxing considering we’re going to places that simply do not exist. I would pick a lot of places to be quite honest: the picturesque lands of Skyrim, Appalachia from Fallout 76, even the Kingdom of Zeal from Chrono Trigger. But if I had to pick one absolute video-game universe, it would be a vacation that would cover vast distances, hundreds of worlds and a lot of photography in between. The universe I’m talking about is the astoundingly massive No Mans Sky universe.

Think about it, you wake up every day on a stunning new world exploring, adventuring, making discoveries and staring into the cosmos itself. It would be a life-altering, relaxing trip filled with so many opportunities to meet the local aliens and life forms (and hopefully not get killed horribly in space by pirates). You might be thinking “But hey, No Mans Sky’s universe would get boring after a while won’t it?” Well, you’re absolutely right, it would. I strongly believe the best summer vacations are the ones that conclude naturally, like the perfect summer fling. After spending a good amount of time, I would be ready to cast off back to the reality of my everyday life knowing that I had one of the most eye-opening experiences in my life. Till next summer, No Mans Sky.

Christopher Taylor
Staff Writer / Vacations like a mobster (don’t tell the feds)

There are a ton of game’s universes that would make excellent vacation destinations. Some notable destinations would include Steelport from Saints Row the Third, Hammerfell from The Elder Scrolls series or Sengoku, Japan in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. While joining the Third Street Saints, adventuring with the Alik’r or just fighting shogun’s and samurai would be entertaining vacations, the various locations are slightly lacking in a truly entertaining vacation experience.

The ultimate vacation venue from a game would be Raccoon City from the Resident Evil franchise. Running around the city with a small arsenal of high-powered weapons, blasting the faces off of zombies is an experience that I would love to take part in. Having played all the classic Resident Evil games, I feel spending a week in Raccoon City would be exciting and help me relax as I’m hunting and being hunted by monsters, which definitely beats sipping mojito’s on a beach in Florida.


Well those are GAW Staff picks for their dream Game-cation! where would you stay? Tell us in the comment section below!

About The Author

John D
Chief Operating Officer

John Donadio a.k.a. SomeBeardy2Love is the COO here at GAW. He once had a show that he produced, wrote, and co-hosted called the Wide World of Games, you can probably find it on youtube. He is also a co-host on a podcast called Party Up! John is an Action-Adventurer, platformer, RPGer, and FPS kind of gamer. Quick to play any game that has magic, swordplay, and/or stealthy elements. If you can customize a character he is in it for the long haul or just give me your 2D platform and he's a happy camper. What else do you expect from a gamer with a beard and a bow tie tattoo? Seriously.