Epic Games Store is providing a new set of free games next week. This August 2nd you can pick up Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake or Ubisoft’s For Honor for free.

Alan Wake stars an acclaimed writing suffering from writer’s block named Alan Wake. Taking a vacation with his wife Alice to Brightfalls in hopes of re-energizing his creative juices Alan unknowingly wakes up a supernatural force. Called the Dark Presence, this force uses the creative creations of creators for its own purposes. Alan must fight against the world he helped create and save his wife Alice who has been taken by the Dark Presence.

For Honor is mostly a competitive PvP game where players take control of various warriors such as knights, samurai, and Vikings in intense melee combat.

Despite this popular feature of giving away free games every other week, the Epic Games Store has a negative reception. This mostly due to the store constantly locking off titles with exclusive deals on PC. Some of which include crowd-funding projects and titles that were to release on Steam.

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