Code Vein has a large expansive world that won’t show any mercy to the player. To aid in this journey, players can call on the assistance of several NPCs, each with a variety of unique attacks and supporting functions. To highlight the importance of the “Partner” system Bandai Namco has released a special behind the scenes video showcasing why the NPCs in Code Vein serve as an extension to the player.

The video has several developers including director Hiroshi Yoshimura speaking about how the NPCs in Code Vein will shift the opinion of gamers. As NPCs are generally seen as a negative among gamers the partners in Code Vein will serve as another part of the player’s tools. Some NPCs offer unique bonuses that are much more useful in specific situations as oppose to others. In addition, these NPCs offer a helping hand to players needing that extra help.

If you wish to play alone, partners are completely optional in Code Vein. Go it alone if you wish.

Code Vein launches this September 27th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.