Instead of treading old territory with a unique story like in Legacy of the First Blade The Fate of Atlantis has Alexios traveling to new realms and interacting with actual gods. This 3-part campaign introduces radically different areas, controlled by gods, as you attempt to leave secrets about the Staff of Atlantis. With unique boss enemies that will challenge even the most seasoned Assassin’s Creed Odyssey player this adventure is not a walk in the park. Just don’t expect a change in quality for Layla’s story during this venture.

More Questions, Let’s Find Answers

Each of the episodes within The Fate of Atlantis has Alexios traveling to a brand new realm thanks to Aletheia, a god-like being called an Isu in AI form. This includes Elysium where heroes live in paradise, The Underworld ruled by Hades, and finally the city of Atlantis. Each area has a specific theme that complements the narrative. Whether it’s focused on control or chaos.

Every episode has Alexios searching for answers from the Isu and humans. All of these questions stemming from learning about the Staff of Atlantis and most importantly, his destiny. But in search for answers, Alexios is constantly dragged into the problems happening in the area, either through force, coercion, or his own mistakes.

The narratives in each episode are branching and allow for multiple outcomes. Some characters will live, others die but never do the episodes overlap in terms of consequences. You do get some references to your past actions but many choices are isolated to the episode itself. Which is unfortunate since you make some profound decisions during each episode.

While Alexios is traveling to these areas, Layla is surviving in the modern era. With Aletheia’s aid, Layla begins to uncover the secrets of Atlantis but her tale falls flat. The journey starts strong, with Layla uncovering more secrets into Atlantis and builds up to an incredible finale and cliffhanger, only to take a nosedive in episode 3.

Lots of New Busy Work

The mission structure for the new set of quests Alexios must undertake follow similar structures. Kill key targets, conquer bases, and sometimes fight a powerful enemy. Thanks to the new locations these missions don’t seem as frustrating, especially when facing the new types of enemies introduced throughout the episodes. This includes a powerful sentinel, undead guards that can drain your Adrenaline, and strong variants of the Archons found in the campaign.

Each episode does introduce a new level gating or progressing hindering chore you must accomplish. This includes weakening the political hold of a specific leader, obtaining a special type of armor, or obtaining “Knowledge” to gain access to specific areas. Much of the objectives require an extra hour of grinding but also provide new weapons and armor. With some being astonishingly robust against the new enemies you’ll encounter.

The boss fights are where The Fate of Atlantis shines. Each realm has a selection of ridiculous boss fights ranging from Isu to mythological beasts. None of them are simple and require both sturdy equipment and skill to defeat. If you enter any of these fights unprepared they will make mincemeat of you.

I Need More Power

Learning more about Alexios’ Staff of Atlantis is important, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is all about rewards and The Fate of Atlantis has a lot of great items. The selection of legendary weapons and armor are high, with each new area providing unique items. And yes, this extends to new skills that provide variants to existing skills. By the end of The Fate of Atlantis, you’ll become a literal god.

A New Odyssey to Complete

The Fate of Atlantis easily adds about 10 hours worth of content, 6 if you just want to push through the story. With great boss battles, new items to unlock, and narratives to shape this long odyssey provides an extensive adventure that must be played multiple times. But be prepared for a long grind. It’s unfortunate that Layla’s story is still so weak, starting strong and teasing the player until falling completely flat. The Fate of Atlantis is a massive step up from Legacy of the First Blade, giving you the chance to fight gods and explore their realms.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey The Fate of Atlantis Review
  • Mythical Boss Battles
  • Powerful New Weapons and Armor
  • Branching Narrative
  • Lots of Grinding
  • Repetitive Mission Structure
  • Level and Armor Gating
7.5Overall Score
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